Notes on notes, reminders, and tasks

I try to subscribe to the "keep the tasks out of your head and in a system" paradigm. But when you have too many options, it becomes a bear to deal with!

Here's all that I've tried or been using:

  • Apple Notes
  • Apple Reminders
  • Notion
  • Bear
  • Todoist
  • Just Press Record

And that's just things that I've been using the last year!

Here's what I want to be able to do:

  • Input reminders without task switching in the following contexts
    • Watch - Bear
    • Siri - Todoist, iPhone
    • Keyboard of computer in any application - Todoist, Mac app
    • Offline - Todoist - Chrome app
  • Organize and complete tasks with the keyboard - Todoist, Chrome app
  • Make notes as I work in Todo mode - Notion

Todoist is great, but the lack of keyboard shortcuts drove me nuts! I just figured out that you can run Todoist as a Chrome app, and use your Chrome extensions. So I can use Vimium shortcuts within Todoist. My hands are never leaving the keyboard! It is now going to be the only.

For tasks and list, I will be using Todoist only! The exception is for capturing things from my Watch, for which I will be using Bear.

For note-taking, I'm going to be using Notion.