How easy it is for a habit to slip away

I almost totally forgot that I was doing this! I remember that a habit takes 21 days to really form.

There's a saying somewhere that the things that you do by habit are what defines you as — the way we spend our days are the ways we spend our lives (h.t. Brainpickings, I think).

I spent some time thinking about my evening and morning habits this morning over a cup of coffee. I'm going to try sticking to a more regular sleep schedule — right now I'm on a vampire schedule, except for when I'm trying to get up early for snowboarding!

So, I'm trying to stick to a reasonable time for snowboarding, so that I don't have a two hour difference in the times that I get up each day on the days that I am lucky enough to enjoy snowboarding.

Time to build that habit muscle! 💪🕰✨