Mailing – Add email to your React app

Feb 17, 2023 12:28 AM

An open source tool for developing and sending compatible, consistent emails from any app


How it works

Mailing adds an emails directory to your Node app. Email templates go in here and can import shared constants, images, and components. Templates stay under source control with the rest of your code.

Built-in MJML-React support means you can make templates compatible across email clients without thinking about table layout. The Mailing preview server gives you hot reload as you develop.

Simple dev


Self-host previews on Vercel to keep your team on the same page. Product and design folks can stay up-to-date with live versions of emails and review PR previews in development.

Mailing is open source tool because we want to build software that outlasts our company. We love to get regular input and contributions from the community. Need a feature? Open an issue.

The Mailing dev environment and nodemailer sendMail proxy are free. If you want to send with another system, export the preview HTML or use the React templates with the render function.

Demo templates

Change a handful of constants to make any of these starter templates your own. If you need design system updates down the line, it’ll be easy to collaborate with designers and to keep your email and app experiences consistent.

Level up with Platform

Add a DB,own your list

Upgrade to Mailing Platform by adding a database. Every user that you sendMail to is saved to your audience. There’s no limit to the size of your audience.

Drop-in unsubscribe links and subscription preferences give your users control of what email they receive. If you try to sendMail to an unsubscribed user, Mailing intelligently blocks the send.


  • Free demo templates
  • Hot reload MJML-React template development environment
  • Self-hosted on Vercel
  • REST API to render and send from any environment, not just Node apps

Kind words

Cymen Vig

Really happy to find mailing – thank you for sharing it. I was already using MJML but it didn’t fit well in my workflow. I’m excited to be able to use all of that and have the excellent preview capabilities of mailing!

Will Viles

Wow, you guys are fast! Thank you @alexfarrill @psugihara for such a speedy fix 👍


Again, thanks for the beautiful development experience mailing brings.

Spent the weekend creating some transactional emails for @dubdotsh with – it’s a gamechanger 🤯

✅ Develop & preview emails with @nextjs’fast refresh ✅ Intercept emails & show a preview in localhost ✅ One-click deploy your email previews to @vercel

Guillermo Rauch

Sidi Dev

After I checked out I liked it so much, and the best thing is how to deploy it on vercel, I decided to use it to build a newsletter script for @float_ui 😍