Jaron Heard

📍 Portland, OR, US 🏡 Portland, OR, US

Design, data communication, and collaboration for social change

For the last 3+ years, I’ve been working with Civic Software Foundation as Creative Director and Data Visualization Lead.

Today, I’m excited about the early stages of funding, designing, and building public data communication products and platforms with the potential for transformative impact in highly collaborative environments. If you are too, get in touch!

Working values

🌍 An equitable, sustainable world requires radically different systems

✨ Platforms and products that put people and purpose at the center are part of it

📈 Data can be material for communication, collaboration, and transformative change

Collaborative work

It's always collaborative work 💖

📚 CIVIC Data Library (site)

🌐 Structured Context Program (site)

📈 CIVIC Platform (site, code, designs)

📉 Open Elections Portland Dashboard (site, code, article)

📱 Cellular Chorus (site, code, description, article)

🛹 Original skateboard emoji proposal (pdf, article)

🐥 dddeliver.party (site)


Professional Bio
Speaking Policy


If you're intrigued or inspired, don't hesitate! 😘

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