Jaron Heard

📍 Portland, OR, US 🏡 Portland, OR, US

I'm the creative director at the Civic Software Foundation, where we're working for a future where information & technology equitably serve the public.

Working values

🌍 An equitable, sustainable world requires radically different systems

✨ Platforms that put people and purpose at the center are part of it

📈 Data can be material for communication, collaboration, and transformative change

Collaborative work

It's always collaborative work 💖

📚 CIVIC Data Library (site)

🌐 Structured Context Program (site)

📈 CIVIC Platform (site, code, designs)

📉 Open Elections Portland Dashboard (site, code, article)

📱 Cellular Chorus (site, code, description, article)

🛹 Original skateboard emoji proposal (pdf, article)

🐥 dddeliver.party (site)


Professional Bio
Speaking Policy


If you're intrigued or inspired, don't hesitate! 😘

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🌱 Secret Public Internet Garden