May 10, 2023 11:13 PM

obataimu literally means “overtime” in japanese. for them, they use it as the extra-time it takes to marry pleasure with productivity.

The store is an open-production concept where customers see the workers, designers interact with the tailors, and master tailors train more junior folks. This is very different from our modern day “assembly line” production process where each step is bifurcated and out of sight. Furthermore, production is turned into a communal activity, where tailors face each other, share tips, and openly chatter. During after hours, the factory turns into a third space featuring talks on design/sustainability and yoga classes. I got to talk to the founder, Noorie Sadarangani, and it was clear how passionate she was about this model. I was also enthralled by her lifestlye: she travels every 4-5 months to a new city and launches an Obataimu pop-up. In doing so, she simultaneously introduces this model to local businesses, hosts events with the local sustainable fashion community, and gets to see the world! what a life :O