Process improvements

Oct 4, 2021 6:14 PM

I'm listening to Marina Abramamovic, and thinking about process on this snowy morning.

I was thinking really about the process (in performance) was most important than ending the piece. It was not about result, it was about process.
Being an artist, you can make things from anything, you can make things from dust. You have this miracle of possibilities, you can use your body, the fire, the air, the planes.

I heard Jared Palmer talking about using a "captain's log" being more effective for him than a todo list. I'm thinking that working in this style, using the new Todo mode in Rectangle, maybe more effective than working directly from a Todo list.

I'm hoping that through working in this way I can find more presence, connection, and reframe my focus and attention intentionally.

I've also noticed in my process, if I delay getting back to someone after seeing a message, it will weigh on my mind. I'd like to respond more immediately to folks.

In summary:

  • Focus on the process
    • Daily blog (⏳)
    • Captain's log (🏴‍☠️)
    • Call and response (🤙)