Breakpoints – Figma

Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM

Preview responsive design layouts inside a Figma frame. It works even without the opened plugin window and anyone on your team can resize frame without the plugin installed.

Add points and link existing designs to each range. As a result, you will end up with a frame that switches between different layouts during resizing.

Checkout demo file


→ Works even without opened plugin window

→ Custom values

→ Horizontal and vertical

→ Suitable for Web, Android, iOS/iPadOS

→ Quick resizing to breakpoints

→ Ruler

iOS and iPadOS Size Classes

If you're working on iPhone and iPad designs, the plugin can help you create dynamic layouts for Compact and Regular ranges. There is a magic number 683 for both vertical and horizontal dimensions, which ensures that anything larger is a Regular size, and anything smaller is Compact.

Checkout size classes example file:

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Breakpoints are currently in beta and will be published soon as a release version.

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