#16: IDEO's Tom Kelley is Design Thinking's ultimate disciple, he makes the case as to why. - YouTube

Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM
design thinking

Capture when you're in your most creative phase, record the ideas from that phase, review and see what ideas are good.

People start caring too much!

Drawing as a way to communicate

Post-it notes are like a pixel, anyone can fill them

CIVIC Applicable

Value: Help others succeed

Concept: Job < Career < Calling


Experiments are supposed to fail some of the time. Test one at a time. Do many small things quickly to do something big.

Team Size

The size of the team depends on the complexity of the project. Public data need big teams.

Data Science

The challenge for designers and others is to collaborate effectively with and around data

Behavior Change

To really make change, we need to make behavior change