Tremor – The React library to build dashboards fast

Jan 25, 2023 10:18 AM

Modular components to build dashboards in a breeze. Fully open-source, made by data scientists and software engineers with a sweet spot for design.

Some examples built with our components

KPI Cards

Data bars, metric cards, or delta badges are put together to show summarizing information of data.

Modular lists and tables that go along with badges, icons, or visualization elements.

Population growth rate



Charts are hard, so we already pushed the pixels that you can focus on data. A set of basic charts ready to be fed by data. No need to take care of the grunt work.

Advanced Visualizations

Status bars, performance monitors, and many more components to visualize complex use cases gracefully.

A blazingly fast workflow

Get more than 20 components with beautiful defaults and simple props. From charts to input and layout elements, we covered all the essential components to lift the tedious front-end work from your shoulders. Get ahead with our simple API approach in no time.

Creating analytical interfaces is hard. We have distilled all our knowledge from building dashboards into tremor. Besides our components, we provide a varierty of templates built on top of tremor to give developers a head start on building great interfaces.

See our demo dashboard

Get a live preview of a demo dashboard built with tremor components or learn how to rebuild it.