Hypercard Demo (1987)

Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM

An introduction to Apple's Hypercard. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson, Hypercard senior engineer Dan Winkler, author of "The Complete Hypercard Handbook" Danny Goodman, and Robert Stein, Publisher of Voyager Company. Demonstrations include Hypercard 1.0, Complete Car Cost Guide, Focal Point, Laserstacks, and National Galllery of Art. Originally broadcast in 1987. Copyright 1987 Stewart Cheifet Productions.

Reviewer: big-mike30 - - August 8, 2004 Subject: Best Show Ever !!!! ;-)

This Computer Chronicles Show on HyperCard by far in my opinion was the best show. It brings back fond memories for me. The year was 1987; I had just started reading about HyperCard in my issue of MacUser Magazine. I turned on the TV flipped to our local PBS station to watch that weeks episode of the Computer Chronicles, and I heard Stewart Cheifet say HyperCard what is it, its not hyper, its not even a card, its not quite system software its not quite application software I was blown away, I could not get the tape in the recorder fast enough. And now seeing it again in high quality MPEG2 file format is a real treat for me. Thank you Stewart Cheifet & the Internet Archive Site for bringing this show and many others like it back, so that Computer History can indeed be enjoyed by all.

Thank you. Mike Darland.