Kodiak · Automate your GitHub Pull Requests

Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM

Add the automerge label or configure Kodiak to auto merge without a label once CI and Approvals pass. Configure Eco Merge to only update branches when necessary.

A short and sweet configuration file, .kodiak.toml, with smart defaults, will get you started in minutes.

Once enabled, Kodiak will use your PR's title and body along with the PR number to create a rich commit message on merge.

Kodiak understands there is no I in Team and works well with other Bots. Combine Kodiak with a dependency bot (dependabot, snyk, greenskeeper.io) to automate updating of dependencies.

When configured, Kodiak will comment on your PR if a merge conflict gets in the way of an auto merge.

Remove your old branches automatically. Kodiak will cleanup after auto merging your PR. GitHub has this built in but Kodiak deletes those old branches faster.

Kodiak saves developer time by automating branch updates and merges, enabling you to keep your branches green and developers happy.

Kodiak's Eco Merge feature will use the minimal number of updates to land code on master, preventing spurious CI jobs, minimizing CI costs.

Stop waiting for CI and let Kodiak automate your GitHub workflow.

  1. Create a .kodiak.toml file in the root of your repository with the following contents
  2. # .kodiak.toml
    version = 1
  3. Create an automerge label (default: "automerge")
  4. Label your PRs with your automerge label and let Kodiak do the rest! 🎉

See the docs for additional setup information.

If you have any questions please review our help page.