TikTok - Eugene Wei - a16z


Creative network effects is something that TikTok has created through ease of use of the tools for creation, and remixing. Each of the components is easily available, allowing you to remix the components without all of the work

The community is a mix of a free market and a coordinated economy. What's surfaced through "challenges" aligns the community around common ideas. Hashtags allow people to see what's popular

If someone comes up with an idea, it's distributed really broadly

TikTok is designed for the algorithm, and closely hues to changing taste profiles


with @eugenewei @smc90

In this special "2x" episodes of 16 Minutes, we cover the algorithm that powers TikTok, the short video platform that grabbed massive marketshare in cultures and markets never experienced firsthand by the engineers and designers in China, beating out other apps in the U.S. But with talk of U.S. ownership/partnership for TikTok, what happens if the algorithm isn't included? And what can we learn from the "creativity network effects" flywheel of TikTok; about "algorithm friendly" product design; and more broadly, for the future of video.