A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide – Cyd Harrell

Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM

Now available in Kindle and EPUB formats for $9.99.


Draft Cover

I’ve put every single thing I know about civic tech into this little book. It’s both an onboarding guide and a survival manual, and I hope it will be useful to the field. It outlines the types of projects, partnerships, and people that civic technologists encounter, and the methods we can use to make lasting change. I focus on principles and sets of questions to help technologists find the right way to do the most good, starting with finding the people already doing the work. There’s also practical advice on how to build alliances with public-sector partners, what tech (and non-tech) skill sets are most useful, and how to show up in spaces dedicated to stewardship rather than profit. And my best tips from experience on how to introduce new methods and tools, and how to connect with others in the field and work sustainably on hard problems.

In collaboration with the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University and its Digital Service Collaborative supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, I’m self-publishing in paperback and e-book. I’m grateful for their support!

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