Julie Legrand’s tactile work explores the never-ending possibilities of print


In a world increasingly preoccupied with the online sphere, a number of creatives are taking a stand. Julie Legrand is one such creative, whose practice remedies excessive screen time by producing imaginative, experimental and beautiful printed ephemera.

First gaining a diploma at École Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine in Épinal, France, Julie later studied for a masters at CIEC Foundation in Betanzos, Spain, where she learned printmaking techniques. Later working across micro-publishing, fanzines and printmaking and settling in Séte, Julie co-founded Cyclo with friends in 2022 – “an art space dedicated to the production and diffusion of graphic and visual arts and printmaking.”

Throughout Julie’s organic work – full of both delicate and expressive lines – you can expect to come across still lifes (of which she is a “fervent enthusiast”), culinary scenes and simple objects from everyday life. All of these factors come together to create something truly special; an intimate, peaceful portfolio that “generates a connection between the personal and universal sphere”. Something to be touched as much as it is seen, Julie’s work proves the print industry to be as innovative as ever.


AboveJulie Legrand: Still Life: Fig and Waffle (Copyright ©Julie Legrand, 2022)