Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM

Make a 1-minute audio tour of a place you know well, for one specific person.

You are a weatherperson. Dress up, go outside, and give a 1-minute weather report. (Literal and metaphorical weather both welcome.)

Remix a voicemail you’ve received (ask permission!). Or: tell a 90-second or less story in the form of a voicemail.

Write down the first 5 other-people's-mothers that come to mind. Pick one. Where were you when you first encountered this person? Make a 1-minute story set in that time and place.

Send a scene from your quarantine (or whatever your week holds). 2 min max.

Make a 1-minute stand-up comedy special for your pet. If you don’t have a pet, invent one.

Interview someone you love about a favorite story, or a time together. Edit it down to 3 minutes or less.

Give yourself 15 minutes to assemble a costume from stuff around the house.

Then, make a 1-minute audio self-portrait.