Indee, a Modern Marketing Co-op | Minneapolis Agency of Freelancers

Jan 14, 2022 12:01 AM

We had an idea…

What if a bunch of seasoned freelancers created a place where you could find and hire them, at any moment, in any combination, for the betterment of your brand?

That’s Indee!

So hit us up when…

  • Your rad new product or business is ready to launch.
  • Your trusted brand needs a refresh, stat.
  • Your booming business is ready to play bigger and better.

Flexibility on Fire

The word nimble is having a moment, but that’s always been our thing. We bob and weave on the regular, because a great staff is made up of who you need now. Want Indees for a minute? More? In mono or many? We can do that.

All Principals, No Extras

There’s nothing worse than bodies in the room, on the call, or on the team who don’t add value. With Indee you only get vetted stars, perfect for their roles and a bottom line that shines.

An Easy A

You don’t have to put out an all-points-bulletin to your entire e-mail list when you need talent. We’re your one stop shop for A-list marketing pros. Pronto.

Step 1. Give us the 411 on what you need.