Butter | Virtual collaboration as smooth as butter

Sep 8, 2022 5:10 AM

All your team’s facilitation tools in one place. Stop hosting snoozefests. Start collaborating effectively. Butter brings structure, energy, and joy to your meetings, workshops, and training sessions.



Prepare sessions that practically run themselves


Say goodbye to meeting fatigue. Say hello to participation. Keep everyone engaged with emoji reactions, sound effects, a hand-raise queue, polls, flashcards, music, and GIFs.

All your favorite facilitation tools, minus all the tabs


Summarize your sessions and capture outcomes in seconds. Access and share your recordings, personal notes, chat logs, and poll results from any session—all from one dashboard.


One workspace for all your team’s sessions

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

“When my clients have a workshop with us in Butter, there's just a different vibe to the whole interaction. It becomes something they look forward to! It marries up exactly with the playful way we want to show up as an agency. Our participants love the structure and how it gives them an equal chance to contribute.”

"Butter comes directly from the wishes of every moderator. It’s the tool I would dream of. It really helps us facilitate workshops, bring people together, and help them work together better online. It’s helped me build better relationships with my clients during a project."

"Butter has helped our program’s engagement and participation go through the roof! Our participants feel good from beginning to end. They have big smiles on their face when they join, get more comfortable and involved during the session, and leave feeling happy and inspired!"

Built for facilitators, by facilitators. We’ve built Butter with love from our community from day one. Level up your workshopping, facilitation, and collaboration skills by learning from our network of experts.





Butter isn’t built for those could-have-been-an-email meetings. You know the ones! 🥱 Butter is a tool for facilitating highly-collaborative sessions like workshops, training sessions, bootcamps, courses, events, interactive webinars, social events, or any other session where you need to keep people energized and productive. Of course, you can use Butter for everyday meetings too. But it’s so much more than a meeting tool.

Pretty much! Our free Basic plan lets you run group sessions for up to 60 minutes with as many as 100 participants. One-on-one sessions are unlimited and free. Our Business plan comes with no time limits, unlimited rooms, unlimited cloud recordings, and a collaborative team workspace where you can share rooms and tools.Read all about pricing here.

Ready to run buttery-smooth virtual sessions? It’s time to experience Butter for yourself!